Dear AHA: A message to the American Heart Association from a CHD Advocate

Please feel free to view and share this message to AHA I made in 2017 after attending an AHA event.

My goal for AHA, as discussed 8 months ago in my video, would be for them to create a separate branch for CHD alone and stop using our faces to ask for money for the AHA as a whole. Please listen to my entire message before you comment. Thank you so much for your support! I truly believe this is a huge step in the CHD community if done correctly.

My understanding after last weeks post is that CHF is now partnering with them, so I wonder if my message last year inspired anyone to create this. Either way, it's a big step in the right direction and we can only hope that they are ethical about where they put money donated for CHD.

However, my opinion still stands to be safe and not donate to AHA at all due to their dishonest use of funds with CHD. I have heard the numbers in multiple board meetings with several different organizations, as a professional advocate.

If you are from AHA reading this, I truly hope all of our awareness has helped hold you accountable for your dishonest actions and you can create a strong voice for us, in an ethical and honest way. Please feel free to contact me for any interest in honest work. Thank you!


Stephanie Romer CHD Advocate, Mentor, Writer, & Motivational Speaker

Creator of CHD Legacy

#americanheartassociation #advocate #honest #CHD #CHF

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